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    welcome to across the chessboard! we're an alice in wonderland based site with an original plot and slight modern dystopian twist and canon characters from alice's adventures in wonderland and through the looking glass and what alice found there, both by lewis carroll. for a longer summary, please visit our information center here. if you have any questions, feel free to give an admin a shout in the cbox (it's to your left- just click the chatter button and it should pop open). again, welcome, and we hope you join us!

    it is currently summer 2015 in london.
    it is currently summer-ish in wonderland.

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    Wonderland wasn't always this way. There was a time when it mirrored medieval England, albeit with a few magical elements: a few quirks and eccentricities that made it truly unique. While all feared the Queen's mercurial temper and the fine blade of her Guillotine, all was well, until a little girl named Alice Liddell disturbed the status quo and sparked a revolution. The kingdom began to fall into decay as the taint of the modern world invaded. History is beginning to repeat itself and no one is happy. As the Queen of Hearts tangles in a battle of wits and riddles with the Cheshire Cat, the rest are starting to wonder ... is it true that the White Rabbit is bringing humans to Wonderland when they themselves are banned from going to London?

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 party in your honour, tagged: Qaseem
maixent monroe
 Posted: Aug 15 2015, 08:21 PM
There's a humming in the restless summer air And we're slipping off the course that we prepared But in all chaos, there is calculation Dropping glasses just to hear them break You've been drinking like the world was gonna end (it didn't) Took a shiner from the fist of your best friend (go figure) It's clear that someone's gotta go We mean it but I promise we're not mean
38RedKing of Hearts11 postsapplicationplotting
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maixent monroe

He had recently seen Fintan. Of course, the endeavour took a while, after all, Max had to get himself up to speed with happenings in London. Supposedly, it had evolved even more, the technology taking over vastly and quickly. In just a few Wonderland years, he heard of London moving on from something very similar to Wonderland to something completely different and he was entranced by it. He longed for London and the normality of it, how familiar it felt to him. But he had things to take care of here, affairs that he had to keep a handle on before they’ve gone out of control.

That was the reason why he was in the Caterpillar’s forest now, waiting on him and giving him the benefit of the doubt as he did so. It seemed that Qaseem wasn’t all that bothered about timekeeping. Or perhaps it was on Maixent. He wasn’t sure. However, as distribution was largely down to him, as Max had other things to take care of, he would wait.

A fair win I have fought for my life A clean slate after all this time A revolution and now I am in charge My evolution is to shoot for the stars.

qaseem achari
 Posted: Aug 16 2015, 10:07 PM
38BlackCaterpillar36 postsapplicationplotting
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qaseem achari

It was baffling to think that somehow his best customer was also among his least favorite. The damned mock turtle was always blubbering about something new, and clearly had little regard for anyone else's time. But alas, his money was as good as anyone else's, and his patronage was certainly the most frequent, even if all he bought were what the Londoners referred to as "prescription drugs." Here in Wonderland a client was a client; medication for depression had been unheard of before the portals to Alice's land.

A look of disdain was still on his face when Qaseem finally made his way back into the Caterpillar Forest. However the expression changed ever so slightly when he saw who was waiting for him upon his return. That was right, the King had mentioned Fintan would be making a trip to London soon. His timing was impeccable, really; Qaseem's supplies were beginning to run a bit low and he was far from being able to produce what he needed here in Wonderland. "Majesty," he said giving the man a curt nod. "To what do I owe this pleasure?" A formality, really. He knew exactly what had brought the man to his part of the forest.

Always, no sometimes, think it's me/ But you know I know when it's a dream/ I think I know I mean a yes/ But it's all wrong/ That is I think I disagree
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