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    welcome to across the chessboard! we're an alice in wonderland based site with an original plot and slight modern dystopian twist and canon characters from alice's adventures in wonderland and through the looking glass and what alice found there, both by lewis carroll. for a longer summary, please visit our information center here. if you have any questions, feel free to give an admin a shout in the cbox (it's to your left- just click the chatter button and it should pop open). again, welcome, and we hope you join us!

    it is currently summer 2015 in london.
    it is currently summer-ish in wonderland.

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    Wonderland wasn't always this way. There was a time when it mirrored medieval England, albeit with a few magical elements: a few quirks and eccentricities that made it truly unique. While all feared the Queen's mercurial temper and the fine blade of her Guillotine, all was well, until a little girl named Alice Liddell disturbed the status quo and sparked a revolution. The kingdom began to fall into decay as the taint of the modern world invaded. History is beginning to repeat itself and no one is happy. As the Queen of Hearts tangles in a battle of wits and riddles with the Cheshire Cat, the rest are starting to wonder ... is it true that the White Rabbit is bringing humans to Wonderland when they themselves are banned from going to London?

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noah carrillo
 Posted: Feb 3 2015, 11:21 AM
I know now, this is who I really am inside.
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noah carrillo

Noah Icarus Carrillo
I shot a man just to watch him die
Wonderland has never really been a home to him. Sure, he was born there and grew up there but it never had the positive aura of a home that he had read about in many books that he’d read in his time. He kind of misses the freedom that London has provided but looks down upon any that Fintan brings from London; he doesn’t want to deal with them... but he will most likely have to.

While he would rather stick to his books and sparring with the Red Knight, he feels compelled to play his part in whatever it is that Judas and the Queen are devising.

loyal — childish — angry — greedy — honest
Noah Icarus Carrillo


3 December





Face Claim:
Michael Fassbender

he loves reading
It had always been about flying too close to the sun. Some people managed to pull it off, some didn’t. And Noah belonged to those who didn’t, from the very start.

Home life, as he would later learn, didn’t translate into what the atmosphere had been in the Duchess’ manor... only a child, he didn’t understand why he seemed to be a nuisance to the Duchess but he didn’t ponder it.

Alice’s appearance changed everything. His life, to that day being associated with the smell of pepper and being shoved into the arms of anyone who was available made a complete one eighty turn that day when Alice carried him out of the manor in her arms.

He turned into a pig. It had been years upon years of being hunted by the royal cooks and hiding out in Tulgey Wood until suddenly, one day he was changed back and while he enjoyed the fact that he could stand up on his own two feet, he knew there was a dark reason why it had happened. Alice Lidell was dead.

And while it didn’t mean anything to him – or at least not as much as to other people – he felt how her death influenced Wonderland, how it all changed. Of course, he had learnt of what happened in Bedlam and made the wise decision to let the Cheshire Cat be, even though he felt lost himself. Choosing to not let that influence him however, he waited. A hundred human years passed before he finally approached the cat.

Being alone changes you and Noah wasn’t an exception, all too wound up in it all, the years in the body of a pig and the following time that he spent without guidance from the cat he had always looked up to, he felt as though he had gone slightly insane but he embraced it, after all, one couldn’t be entirely sane while working with the devil himself...

Alice’s death influenced Judas too much, or so Noah felt. But he kept that to himself, biting his lip when he saw him again. His heart was buried with the girl and Noah would lie if he said he didn’t feel a bit jealous of that fact but he decided not to let his emotions influence his actions. He knew he should be grateful for what he had, that he shouldn’t be always trying to have more. And while with his appetite isn’t something he can control, he knows that he can control the other aspects.

The brief time of the Looking Glass being open to all was interesting and even though it was too loud, too busy and too bright, he enjoyed his time there. The only thing it lacked was the greenery and while there were some parks around, it hardly compared to Wonderland. But then London started bleeding in...

Wonderlanders usually experimented with things, so bringing new fashion and new foods to their home was an interesting cultural experience. Or it would have been if Noah cared about it. And while he can’t really remember what the royal palace looked like before, he takes it as it is – with nature breaking through and Wonderland claiming itself back.

He doesn’t want to let himself be involved in the game but he is, a loyal addition on Judas’ side, always there to enjoy the chaos the Cheshire brought upon the once beautiful place many of them called home. And while he didn’t take well to the new arrivals from London, he knew it was a necessary evil, in order to rebuild things – hopefully only to destroy them after.

He’d always enjoyed watching.

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 Posted: Feb 23 2015, 12:52 PM
Yeah, I know this street and I own this crowd And my only companion is a lightning cloud I seem real nice and easy to trust Ashes to ashes and dust to dust I’m gonna lead you a path to self destruct On this crazy train that I conduct.
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Ahhh poor poor Noah, working so closely with Judas it'll be a wonder if you don't eventually lose your mind completely. Best of luck to the poor bastard! Can't wait to see what happens to him.
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